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Our Wordpress themes have been built with much care and attention. They are a complete solution for your web hosting business and allow you to get setup without any HTML experience thanks to our build-in settings area, and widgetized/admin-based functionality. They also come with ready-made shortcode allowing you to quickly and easily build your own product/service pages.


responsive wordpress theme

Responsive & fluid*

Many of our Wordpress themes are fully responsive meaning they'll automatically adjust to fit the the device used to view the template. So on a desktop computer they'll show the full scale view and on a smart-phone such as the iPhone they'll scale down to fit the screen. Not only are these themes responsive but they're also fluid meaning they have been built using percentages rather than fixed pixels so instead of having break-points (e.g iPhone, iPad) they'll respond when needed allowing them to support most devices including those yet to be launched.


wizard panel settings

Theme options

Wizard Panel is our exclusive options panel that can be found inside your Wordpress admin panel once the theme is installed. Using Wizard Panel you can easily get your web hosting website up and running without HTML experience. With Wizard Panel you can:

  • upload your logo
  • upload your favicon
  • edit the currency used
  • tweak the theme features
  • adjust the menu settings
  • edit the homepage feature boxes
  • upload slides for the homepage slideshow
  • tweak the social integration
  • find a full list of theme shortcodes
  • import custom CSS
  • reset settings to default

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automatic whmcs sync wordpress themes

Automatic WHMCS synchronization

Some of our Wordpress themes come with a optional matching WHMCS template. But this isn't just a standard WHMCS integration. This template automatically syncs with your Wordpress theme in the following ways:

  • Menus - any changes you make to the menus in Wordpress via your admin panel will update both the Wordpress theme and WHMCS template.
  • Wizard Panel - any changes you make to the Wordpress Wizard Panel will be automatically applied to the WHMCS template.
  • Widgets - when you add/remove/edit any widget it will update the WHMCS template.

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wordpress themes menu

Admin based menus

All of our Wordpress themes support the built-in menu builder of Wordpress. This allows you to create your ideal menu easily without touching any code. Our themes also support multi-level dropdowns with our responsive themes using CSS based mega menus which can be edited inside your Wordpress admin panel.

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widgetized footer and sidebar

Widgetized footer & sidebar

Widgets allow you to easily setup a section of your Wordpress theme via your Wordpress admin panel without any coding experience. All of our Wordpress themes have this functionality available in the sidebar and footer. Some of the widgets that are available by default in Wordpress are:

  • Archives
  • Categories
  • Calendar
  • Custom menu
  • Links
  • Meta
  • Pages
  • Recent comments
  • Recent posts
  • RSS
  • Search
  • Tag cloud
  • Text/HTML

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wordpress themes menu

Easy to use shortcode generator

Shortcode is basically easy to edit HTML. They allow you to edit the structure of content in a Wordpress page/post. When this page is loaded in Wordpress the shortcodes are converted to the more complex HTML which is then displayed in the browser. So with shortcodes it gives the freedom of editing code without the complexity of HTML. Even with no HTML experience you should be able to edit shortcode easily.

Our Wordpress web hosting themes come with a shortcode generator (as seen in the above screenshot) that will allow you to select shortcode for:

  • 1-6 column tables (can be used on both full width and half width pages/posts)
  • 1-6 feature boxes (can be used on both full width and half width pages/posts)
  • Button generator (change size, color, link, text)

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  • Fully customizable* - create unlimited pages, edit the color scheme, completely revamp the design/structure. The possibilities are endless with HTML/CSS experience but without it you can still make great use of our themes thanks to our settings area and widgitized areas
  • Facebook & Twitter integration - we've added Facebook & Twitter buttons to all themes and set them up to be easily adjusted via our exclusive settings area.
  • Support - we are well known for providing a very high level of support via email, support tickets and also our community forum.
  • Documentation - we continue to add to & improve our documentation for our themes
  • Pre-made content - we include documentation on how to install our themes with pre-made content allowing you to easily and quickly get up and running (all can be edited or the theme can be installed without the content)

FREE bonuses*

All of our responsive Wordpress themes include the following premium scripts that have been professionally integrated out of the box! These scripts have been developed by us so are exclusive, many of which we also use and see the benefits from ourselves on Templategenie.com. By purchasing one of our HTML templates you are saving money while benefiting from these scripts right away.

CSS mega menu - $99 value
css mega menu bonus

Light-weight, fully customizable and responsive CSS based mega menu.

Login panel - $79.99 value
whmcs login panel

CSS based account dropdown menu integrated with the WHMCS login system.

Domain checker - $79.99 value
whmcs domain checker

Fully integrated script for searching domains with WHMCS.

CSS pricing tables - $49.99 value
css pricing tables

Fully responsive pricing/comparison tables that are light-weight.

WHMCS invoice - $39.99 value
whmcs invoice and quote

Our exclusive responsive invoice & quote for a enhanced WHMCS invoice.


Your TemplateGenie welcome email will also contain a link to a page on our website containing all of the bonuses and discounts available to our customer's. Some of the included bonuses are:

Exclusive 2Checkout coupon
exclusive 2checkout coupon

Included in your welcome email will be a exclusive 2Checkout coupon code that'll give you a discount on the monthly fee. This is a optional payment gateway, WHMCS offers support for over 30 gateways some of which have no setup or monthly fees such as PayPal.

Free Enom reseller account
free Enom reseller account

We can provide you with a free Enom reseller account ($100 deposit required) that will allow you to resell domains through WHMCS.

One month outsourcing trial
free outsourcing trial

We've partnered with Phone Support Worldwide to bring you a 1 month free trial of their support outsourcing service.



template addons

We provide a selection of optional addons for this template which are available during checkout. Any of these addons can also be ordered at anytime after the purchase of your theme from our addons directory. Available addons include configuration of software, customization of the theme & scripts.

Available addons for this theme:

  • Matching WHMCS template
  • WHMCS configuration
  • Installation Package
  • EU Cookie Law script

Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the answers to many questions we receive frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question below please do contact us.

How does the WHMCS template/sync work?

Wordpress and WHMCS would be installed in separate directories on your same domain/web hosting account. WHMCS then connects with Wordpress using our exclusive WHMCS module and the template is developed in a way that it automatically updates based on your edits to the Wordpress theme. So it will automatically sync with your menus/pages/widgets. The only thing it won't sync is plugins but you can still use supported (about 80% should work fine) ones on the Wordpress side.

Are these themes only suitable for web hosting companies?

No, while our themes come with web hosting related content they are fully customizable so can be used for any type of business.

If I use this theme for a web hosting business do I need WHMCS?

We do recommend using WHMCS for your web hosting business as it allows you to automate billing/account provisioning. However, you could use just the Wordpress theme along with any payment gateway that allows you to generate order buttons/links (PayPal for example)

Do the themes require HTML experience?

No, we've built these themes to make use of Wordpress's built-in features which means you can edit/manage your theme directly from your Wordpress admin-panel without touching any code. That includes creating pages, adjusting the menu, adding content to the sidebar/footer, uploading your logo & much more!