Compare our template formats using the detailed feature comparison table below. Each format comes with specifics pros and cons, the perfect format for you will depend on your requirements, past experience and the goals of your website.

A general guide and comparison between the formats:

WHMCS Templates - This format is the best option if you need multi-language support. It's also the only format with RTL (right to left) language support. It comes with Wizard Panel and is a great option for getting a web hosting business up and running quickly while allowing the ability to customize your website with HTML experience.

Wordpress Themes - The best option if you don't have HTML experience but also wish to customize your website such as adding new pages, editing the menu etc. This format is all about easy customization as it's done via the Wordpress admin panel instead of editing code.

HTML Templates - A great option if you don't want to use any software for your main website (the instant benefit of this is lightning fast pages). This format does require HTML experience but with that experience this format is the best if you want unlimited abilities for customization and plan on making significant changes to the structure or functionality of the template (also possible with WHMCS Templates & Wordpress Themes but not as easily). Our HTML Templates are mostly made up of HTML but in a PHP format so they benefit from the ability to edit main sections across all pages from 1 file. The optional WHMCS integration also benefits from this so the WHMCS pages will sync with the PHP pages. There's also a WHMCS login share between the PHP pages and WHMCS. This format is also the same as we use on Zomex.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to hear our feedback on which format is most suitable for your website.

Feature comparison

  WHMCS Wordpress HTML
Settings area Wizard Panel Enhanced Wizard Panel  
Get setup without HTML experience      
Create custom pages without HTML experience      
Edit the menu without HTML experience      
Customize the sidebar/footer without HTML experience      
Pricing tables/feature boxes generator HTML Shortcode HTML
Multi language support      
RTL language support (selected templates)      
Create unlimited pages      
Premium product      
Email, support tickets support      
CSS based dropdown menus      
Javascript fallback      
Social integration      
Wide browser support      
  Select template Select template Select template
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