All of these templates require HTML experience to edit. If you don't have HTML experience we are happy to send you a quote to customise any template for your needs or you may compare all template formats as we provide some formats that do not require HTML experience.



All of these templates are primarily HTML templates but come with a optional matching Blesta template which can be selected during checkout. The integration is professionally done and loads the CSS/images from the main HTML website so when making updates it updates both the main HTML template and Blesta Integration. As these templates use static HTML they all require HTML experience to edit. If you don't have HTML experience we are happy to send you a quote to customise any template for your needs.

We provide premium quality HTML templates that are optimised, built from scratch, exclusive to TemplateGenie and fully responsive. Our HTML templates are a perfect solution for your website as they allow you to support all devices from mobile phones all the way to desktop computers thanks to the responsive functionality. All templates on this page come with a optional Blesta integration.


responsive whmcs template

Responsive & fluid

All of our HTML templates are fully responsive meaning they'll automatically adjust to fit the the device used to view the template. So on a desktop computer they'll show the full scale view and on a smart-phone such as the iPhone they'll scale down to fit the screen. Not only are these templates responsive but they're also fluid meaning they have been built using percentages rather than fixed pixels so instead of having break-points (e.g iPhone, iPad) they'll respond when needed allowing them to support most devices including those yet to be launched.


css mega menu

CSS mega menu

We've integrated a CSS based mega menu which we've developed from scratch. This mega menu features a bold dropdown container which includes links with descriptions & the optional for call to action (CTA) images. The mega menu also allows you to align the dropdown container to the left or right. Not only is this mega menu feature rich & beautifully designed it's also fully responsive so it'll work on all devices and convert to a input dropdown on small devices such as the iPhone!


wizard panel settings

RTL language support

All HTML templates support RTL (right to left) languages, this functionality is provided by loading 1 extra CSS file we've included which will change the alignment of all elements in the template to right aligned. This is used for RTL languages such as Arabic.

Please note that these templates support 1 language by default

  • HTML5 & CSS3 - all templates use the latest web technologies including HTML5 & CSS3
  • Blesta integration - all templates come with a optional matching integration for Blesta. This allows your main website to be static HTML (e.g while benefiting from the functionality of Blesta in a separate directory (e.g where the design is integrated perfectly.
  • Optimized code - the code have been written by us from scratch and is highly optimized for speed and is indented which makes editing much easier
  • Search engine optimized - we've followed the best practises for search engine optimization including correct HTML structure, use of heading tags, page title, meta description & meta tags
  • Pricing tables - our templates include our own custom responsive pricing tables which allow 1-6 columns
  • Lots of useful elements - we've included multiple custom made elements including pricing tables, feature boxes, login boxes, data tables, buttons, feature grids & domain checker. All of these elements are responsive and integrate perfectly with the template out of the box.
  • Fully customizable - with HTML/CSS/Photoshop experience all templates are fully customizable whether you want to edit the text or completely change the elements it is possible
  • Javascript fallback - our templates use as little Javascript as possible. Where Javascript has to be used used such as the slideshow it will automatically degrade if Javascript is turned off
  • Social integration - we have professionally integrated Facebook, Twitter & Google+ with all templates
  • Wide browser support - all templates support most modern browsers/devices and Internet Explorer version 8+
  • Support - we provide support by email, support tickets and on our community forum if required

FREE bonuses

All of our responsive HTML templates include the following premium scripts that have been professionally integrated out of the box! These scripts have been developed by us so are exclusive, many of which we also use and see the benefits from ourselves on By purchasing one of our HTML templates you are saving money while benefiting from these scripts right away.

CSS mega menu - $99 value
css mega menu bonus

Light-weight, fully customizable and responsive CSS based mega menu.

Login panel - $79.99 value
whmcs login panel

CSS based account dropdown menu integrated with the WHMCS login system.

Domain checker - $79.99 value
whmcs domain checker

Fully integrated script for searching domains with WHMCS.

CSS pricing tables - $49.99 value
css pricing tables

Fully responsive pricing/comparison tables that are light-weight.

WHMCS invoice - $39.99 value
whmcs invoice and quote

Our exclusive responsive invoice & quote for a enhanced WHMCS invoice.


Your TemplateGenie welcome email will also contain a link to a page on our website containing all of the bonuses and discounts available to our customer's. Some of the included bonuses are:

Exclusive 2Checkout coupon
exclusive 2checkout coupon

Included in your welcome email will be a exclusive 2Checkout coupon code that'll give you a discount on the monthly fee. This is a optional payment gateway, WHMCS offers support for over 30 gateways some of which have no setup or monthly fees such as PayPal.

Free Enom reseller account
free Enom reseller account

We can provide you with a free Enom reseller account ($100 deposit required) that will allow you to resell domains through WHMCS.

One month outsourcing trial
free outsourcing trial

We've partnered with Phone Support Worldwide to bring you a 1 month free trial of their support outsourcing service.



template addons

We provide a selection of optional addons for this template which are available during checkout. Any of these addons can also be ordered at anytime after the purchase of your template from our addons directory. Available addons include configuration of software, customization of the template & scripts.

Available addons for this template:

  • WHMCS integration
  • Blesta integration
  • Flex Mail email template

Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the answers to many questions we receive frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question below please do contact us.

Do I need HTML experience to edit these templates?

Yes, HTML experience is required to edit and setup these templates. If you don't have HTML experience we recommend comparing our template formats as as we provide a selection of formats that do not require any coding experience (such as Wordpress Themes).

Do you include the PSD files with your templates?

Yes, we provide many PSD files with every templates. These PSD files are saved separately at the correct size used in the template so they are even easier to customise. Eco Net for example comes with 12 PSD files.

Tell me about the matching WHMCS/Blesta integrations & how does it work?

All templates come with a optional matching WHMCS or Blesta template (can be selected during checkout). These allow your website to support the functionality these software provide (ecommerce/checkout, support tickets, automated billing & provisioning etc).

HTML templates software integration

How does it work?

The HTML template is used for your main pages and then the matching WHMCS or Blesta template is installed in a separate directory allowing you to support the functionality of the software while maintaining the look and feel of your main HTML pages. - your HTML pages (e.g, - WHMCS or Blesta with the integrated template we have created

With this setup you can promote your services/products using HTML pages so they are lightning fast and then link the order button(s) to the product which is created in WHMCS/Blesta. So your visitor views your HTML page, clicks on the order button and they are taken to WHMCS or Blesta to purchase.

If you have any questions about this format or would like a different setup for your website please do get in touch.

Do I need a integrated version?

WHMCS or Blesta integration is only required if you website needs to support the functionality provided by these softwares. For example if you would like a checkout process, automated invoicing, support area or members area for your visitors. If you plan on using the HTML template for a website that doesn't require this functionality (such as a information website) then it's not required.

What are the requirements for the template?

- HTML experience

- a web hosting account & domain name (if you wish to host your website online)

- WHMCS or Blesta software license (only required if you would like to add billing/support/shopping cart functionality to your template)

Do I need to use these templates with WHMCS or Blesta?

No, depending on the plans for your website you may not need to integrate it with WHMCS or Blesta. For example if you plan on using your template for a information website that doesn't need the functionality provided by WHMCS or Blesta then all you'll need is the template. WHMCS & Blesta would allow you to add support ticket,members login & ecommerce functionality to your website but this is not required by all websites. Even if you want to use this template to sell a product or service you could use PayPal buttons to accept payment (although we would recommend using WHMCS or Blesta in this case as the billing process is automated).

Does this template support DreamWaver design view?

Due to the modern techniques used in this template we cannot guarantee that this template will display correctly in DreamWeaver's design view but it can be edited using the code view.