We've merged our billing/ordering system with our parent website Zomex.com. If you're experiencing any issues please contact us here

New customer?

As a new customer you can create your order for the same product at Zomex.com. The product/pricing/support/company is exactly the same.

You can either visit Zomex.com directly or order from TemplateGenie.com (you will be re-directed to Zomex when creating your order).

Existing customer?

If you're an existing customer you can login to your account and manage your product as normal by logging-in here. Your email and password will be the same, if you're having issues logging in reset your password using your TemplateGenie email. You can also create your new order on Zomex.com and login to your account during checkout or before creating it.


Why did you decide to merge the client area of TemplateGenie and Zomex?

Here is the email we sent to our existing customer's explaining why:

Hello customer_name,

We will be merging your TemplateGenie.com account with our parent website Zomex.com (same company).

TemplateGenie is a sub-brand of Zomex.com, we created TemplateGenie as a website to focus on our templates but underestimated the time needed to run 2 separate billing/client areas. As both TemplateGenie.com and Zomex.com provide the same products at the same price, by the same company with the same support we have decided to merge the TemplateGenie accounts/orders/tickets with Zomex. There won't be any change to your account, template, support or terms as Zomex is the parent website of TemplateGenie it'll simply mean that instead of logging in to TemplateGenie.com you'll be forwarded to your same account on Zomex.com.

Please note that TemplateGenie.com will still be available as it is now, but the order process and client area will take place on Zomex.com.

What's the benefits of the merge?

The benefits to this change will be:

- even quicker release of template updates as we only have to launch updates on 1 website
- ability to spend more time on template development and enhancements
- quicker support thanks to everything being accessed on 1 website
- you will see benefits to your overall experience managing your account and requesting support
- less confusion, there was always a lot of confusion between the connection of Zomex & TemplateGenie such as support tickets submit from wrong accounts etc
- if you have an existing Zomex.com account any templates/services at TemplateGenie will be merged with this account allowing you to access it all on 1 website

What about TemplateGenie?

TemplateGenie.com will still be available as it is now, but the order process and client area will take place on Zomex.com.


If you have any questions about this feel free to respond to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Jack Curtis
TemplateGenie.com & Zomex.com

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